August 8, 2010

I love....

My Harry, my baby who I once snuggled in bed with, for long delicious lazy morning cuddles. My baby whom I would spend endless amounts of time gazing at his angelic little face, drinking in every little expression, every tiny sleepy murmur. My baby, this new little person that we had no clue what to do with - he was our practice baby, had to put up with amateur parents, who were clueless but had hearts filled and overflowing with love for him.
But somehow we did something right.
And now at age 7, my baby is really growing up. Getting so tall, so very loving, more independent - and of course some days he can be a total turd burger!!
He is a typical boy - enjoys rough play, armies, cars - but he still has a gorgeous softer side. Protective of his family and friends, gentle, and my favorite - he still adores his teddies. Last week he took Little Ted to school with him for an adventure. He is not yet too cool for teddy bears. I hope this lasts, I hope he doesn't get teased out of his special love for these toys, I hope he doesn't grow up quicker than he needs too...

Harry taking great care of Little Ted - they are great mates...perfect.


  1. Such a handsome boy! 7 is such a great age - they still want mum's cuddles & to be dad's best mate.......there are special things within each age - we are at 7 with Liam right now (almost 8) & i am loving the 14 age with Zac as he starts to find his feet & learns to make his own decisions......but i did remind him that mum's need to feel needed sometimes!

  2. Aww Karen, I cant imagine them as teenagers! Glad to hear you are enjoying your boys, gosh Zac is so grown up now!!

  3. What a cutie your little 7-er is! My Mum tells me that boys are horrid at 7 (I have three of them so that is pretty scary to think about). What do you think? Your little man doesn't look horrid to me :)

  4. Hahahaha MulipleMum!!!! Your Mums just tricking!! My 7 year old is a pretty nice guy - his hardest age was 5!!! My 2nd boy is 5 now and so far so good!!! :)

  5. He is gorgeous! My son is 7 too and he takes his "pink bunny" everywhere with was passed on to him by his sister when he was a baby and to this day, bunny comforts him. I know what you mean about your baby.....