July 31, 2010

Sweet Saturdays, Special Sundays

I love the weekend - no school rush, and usually if you have plans they are fun ones like picnics!
I love that the mornings start with all six of us smooshed into our bed. Lots of cuddles, lots of wrestling and lots of noise! And always a few casualties - me getting head butted in the face by Bella, Jed screaming when Bella tried to remove a clump of his hair, Dad getting winded when he copped a set of knees in his ribs, and Bella getting swiped in the face by a Dad that was running out of hands to keep all of these boys at bay - and that was all before 7.30am!

I love that my boys were full of joy and excitement for the whole time their cousin Max was here for a sleep over (and lots more wrestling!). And when we went to drop him off at Grandma and Grandpas house, what was to be a quick visit turned into a wonderful trip back to my childhood. The kids started arm wrestling and before I knew it, I was on the floor face to face with Mum. Through fits of giggles we took each other on - if you can make her giggle enough you can beat her every time! Dad still plays the same game, lets you win for a bit then takes you out! And my brother still flogs me! Was so much fun, wish I had taken my camera - there was lots of grimacing faces and giggles!

I love lazy Sundays when my Rhyan decides to do something special for his kids. One rope, one tarp, a few pavers, and 5 minutes later they had a fabulous tent to play in.
And the fun started!

Look, I got them all in one photo! Does not happen often!

Love these ones of Bella and Rhyan!

And me, I just get to soak it all in, holding back the ever present tears of complete amazement - I get to be their Mum - how lucky did I get.

And then you realize it is past lunchtime!

Another great weekend...perfect.

July 28, 2010

The Cakes

My cake journey started in February (this year) - I had been looking at some gorgeous cakes on the net, and thought "cool, new hobby time!" Quite an expensive, time consuming hobby, but I just adore cake decorating! Its artistic, challenging, and of course there is delicious cake (testing is very important!!!).
So after inhaling any cake info I could find on the net I took the plunge and bought some equipment- amazing how many bits and pieces you need for one little cake! And my first victim - my lovely Aunty Jo! This is the cake I made for her - my first ever fondant covered/decorated cake, and some mini cupcakes to match.
They went down a treat - Aunty Jo was happy and very suprised when I dropped her cakes in!
Cake and Cupcakes are Dark Choc Mud, Cake is filled with Dark Choc Ganache, and cupcake have a butter cream swirl.

I jumped head first into the deep end with my second cake. A friend asked me to do an engagement cake for their party which was still a couple of months away - and she wanted a Mad Hatter (also known as Topsy Turvey Cake/Wonky Cake/Evil, Hard, Traumatising Cake). So I needed another victim to practice on!!! My Grandma had invited all of the family over for a special Easter/Aunty Wendy's Birthday celebration. I put my hand up to do the cake - and then was a bag of nerves knowing that a lot of people would see my first madhatter effort - this could be very bad!!
Apart from all of the baking and preparation, carving, filling and ganaching, covering, smoothing I did during the week, I spent the entire day before the party decorating this cake. Hubby stepped in and kept the kiddies entertained (and away from Mummy who was just a little stressed!)
This is the finished result - Aunty Wendy loved it! I fell deeply in love with the colour combination, can't wait to use it again. Ooohhhh, have I mentioned I love roses - love making them from fondant, love looking at them in real life...beautiful.

July 26, 2010

If only I could think......

of a fabulous title for my first ever blog entry!!
I'm a little excited about this blog, a special place for me to share...well stuff!!! My gorgeous kids who light up my life and teach me so much, my new passion for decorating cakes (and any other new hobbies I take up!), better mention Hubby - the man who was made just for me, loving and experiencing life, and so much more.
Okay, a quick introduction of my people...

These are the boyz!!!
They have all recently celebrated a Birthday, so we have Harrison (Harry) who is 7, Connor who is 5, and Jed who is 3 years old.

And this is our fourth (and final!!) kidlet,
Isabella (Bella) who is 10 months old.

Will introduce Hubby another time!