July 28, 2010

The Cakes

My cake journey started in February (this year) - I had been looking at some gorgeous cakes on the net, and thought "cool, new hobby time!" Quite an expensive, time consuming hobby, but I just adore cake decorating! Its artistic, challenging, and of course there is delicious cake (testing is very important!!!).
So after inhaling any cake info I could find on the net I took the plunge and bought some equipment- amazing how many bits and pieces you need for one little cake! And my first victim - my lovely Aunty Jo! This is the cake I made for her - my first ever fondant covered/decorated cake, and some mini cupcakes to match.
They went down a treat - Aunty Jo was happy and very suprised when I dropped her cakes in!
Cake and Cupcakes are Dark Choc Mud, Cake is filled with Dark Choc Ganache, and cupcake have a butter cream swirl.

I jumped head first into the deep end with my second cake. A friend asked me to do an engagement cake for their party which was still a couple of months away - and she wanted a Mad Hatter (also known as Topsy Turvey Cake/Wonky Cake/Evil, Hard, Traumatising Cake). So I needed another victim to practice on!!! My Grandma had invited all of the family over for a special Easter/Aunty Wendy's Birthday celebration. I put my hand up to do the cake - and then was a bag of nerves knowing that a lot of people would see my first madhatter effort - this could be very bad!!
Apart from all of the baking and preparation, carving, filling and ganaching, covering, smoothing I did during the week, I spent the entire day before the party decorating this cake. Hubby stepped in and kept the kiddies entertained (and away from Mummy who was just a little stressed!)
This is the finished result - Aunty Wendy loved it! I fell deeply in love with the colour combination, can't wait to use it again. Ooohhhh, have I mentioned I love roses - love making them from fondant, love looking at them in real life...beautiful.

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  1. Gorgeous cakes Jenna - they look way too good to eat! These are SO AMAZING!!!